The One who Conceals - As-Sittīr

As-Sittīr, The One who covers faults

The One who Conceals - As-Sittīr - As-Sittīr

Linguistically, As-Sitteer (derived from the root word sitr) is one who conceals something. However, being a hyperbolic form of its root, it means the one who veils thousands of scandals and faults, if not more, as well as the greatest scandals and faults. This name appears in the hadith (narration) of the Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him): “Verily, God the All-Mighty and Majestic is Forbearing, Modest and Concealing (Sitteer); and He loves modesty and concealment. Therefore, when any of you bathe, let him conceal himself (i.e. from the sight of people).” (Ahmad) Morever, God loves the people who conceal the faults of others as oppose to expose them.