The Opener - Al-Fattāḥ

Al-Fattāḥ, The Giver of Victory

The Opener - Al-Fattāḥ - Al-Fattāḥ

Al-Fattah comes from the 3-letter root f-t-h (ف-ت-ح). Some words are known by their opposites, and the opposite of fatḥ is for something to be closed. God Al-Fattah opens the things that are closed. Those things that seem impossible, those things that you cannot understand how they even work. A door has to be closed in order for someone to open it. The second related meaning is to understand that God is Al-Fattah when you embark on something new and the journey is unknown to you. What is unknown to you is ‘closed’ in that sense. So when you are embarking on a new journey, ask God Almighty to open the doors for you so that you do not encounter unanticipated difficulties.

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