The Exalter - Ar-Rāfiʿ

Ar-Rāfiʿ, The One who Raises

The Exalter - Ar-Rāfiʿ - Ar-Rāfiʿ

God is He who raises and exalts. The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever humbles himself to God, God will raise him.” (Muslim) We must remember that there is a never a moment when we are obeying God Almighty except that we are elevated, and this should comfort us when we encounter opposition from other people. However, sometimes people act in a contradictory way. Their obedience to God Almighty causes them to be arrogant—is this a person that God Almighty raises? Remember that we are told that a person will not enter Paradise if he has an atom’s worth of arrogance in his heart. So even our obedience to God should come with humility and a feeling of gratefulness.

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