The Magnificent - Al-ʿAẓīm

Al-ʿAẓīm, The All-Glorious

The Magnificent - Al-ʿAẓīm - Al-ʿAẓīm

Al-`Aẓīm means ‘to be imposing and great’. It is general enough that, as Ibn Al-Qayyim says, it encompass all kinds of greatness. And so this Name should shift our attention: do not be distracted by the shiny lights, and do not forget that the real standards for greatness are those set by God Almighty. The Most Great is the One who defines for us the meaning of greatness. So a person can be ‘great’ according to human standards. A person can be great and elevated through their ethics, character and manners. The best way to be great in the Eyes of God Almighty is to follow His beloved Messenger ﷺ.

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