The Sustainer - Al-Muqīt

Al-Muqīt, The Nourisher

The Sustainer - Al-Muqīt - Al-Muqīt

The root of this word refers to the amount of nourishment that a human being needs to live (قوت), and God, Al-Muqīt, is the One who creates nourishment for people. Because He has created your nourishment, He has tasked Himself with protecting it. Thus it is always important to remember the source of our nourishment, praise and thank Him for what He has given. Moreover, it is important for us to give nourishment to others. The Prophet (pbuh) told us: "Food for one is enough for two and food for two is enough for three and food for three is enough for four." (Ahmad) If we truly believed that God is the One who has supplied us with food, we should be sharing our nourishment with others.