The Reckoner - Al-Ḥasīb

Al-Ḥasīb, The Bringer of Judgment

The Reckoner - Al-Ḥasīb - Al-Ḥasīb

This Name comes from the root h-s-b (ح-س-ب). It means to count, calculate or to be sufficient. Thus there are two meanings to this Name: He is sufficient for us, and He accounts for everything. This Name reminds us where to place our trust and our hope. It reminds us that there is no scarcity with Him. It reminds us that if we have God, we have everything. The Prophet's Companion Umar bin Al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, is reported to have said that when he was faced with a calamity, he would thank God that the calamity was not in his religion. He valued his relationship with God because he knew that with God Almighty (exalted is He) he could face whatever hardship came to him. Being with God meant that he could see beyond the hardship, and indeed even see the blessing within it. As He is also haseeb over everything, He accounts for everything, even the tiniest of deeds. We sometimes make the mistake of belittling our deeds, whether good or bad. We belittle a sin because it is small, or think that doing a small good deed does not amount to anything. But Islam accounts for both the micro and the macro. Yes, we should try to do amazing great things and avoid the greatest sins. But we also do the small deeds that people might find insignificant, that are nonetheless appreciated and loved by God.

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