The One Who Answers All - Al-Mujīb

Al-Mujīb, The Responsive, The Answerer

The One Who Answers All - Al-Mujīb - Al-Mujīb

Al-Mujeeb is the Answerer of prayers. According to Imam Al-Ghazali, may God have mercy on him, this means that it is He who responds to the requests of those who ask by assisting them, to the call of those who call upon Him by answering them, and responds to the plight of the poor with all they need. God Almighty loves for you to go to Him. Sometimes God Almighty will not give you something unless and until you ask, even though He can give it to you whenever He wills. And it is so you know your Lord, so you experience that certainty in His attribute. The Prophet ﷺ tells us to ask God Almighty with certainty that He will respond (Tirmidhi).

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