The Wise - Al-Ḥakīm

Al-Ḥakīm, The All-Wise

The Wise - Al-Ḥakīm - Al-Ḥakīm

Al-Ḥakīm which is related to hakam, to judge. According to Imam Al-Ghazali, may God have mercy on him, Al-Ḥakīm is “the One who possesses wisdom, and wisdom consists of the knowledge of the most excellent things gathered through the instrumentality of the most excellent branch of knowledge.” Similarly in order to judge, you need to have the knowledge with which to do so. God Almighty is both the All-Knowing and the Most-Wise—He possesses all the knowledge, and as Shaykh An-Nabulsi states, He “does the proper thing in the proper way in the proper place and the proper time.” Whenever things do not go our way or as we assumed they would, we need to put our trust in the One who truly knows what is best for us.

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