The Reckoner - Al-Muḥṣī

Al-Muḥṣī, The Accounter, The Numberer of All

The Reckoner - Al-Muḥṣī - Al-Muḥṣī

Al-Muḥṣī is an amazing Name that, if truly understood, helps us in our interactions with the Names of God. The root is Ḥ ṣ y and can mean to comprehend something in its totality. This root gives rise to the word, in the hadith on the 99 Names, that is sometimes translated as "memorized" or "counted". But to know the number of something is not to understand it fully. "Memorizing" the Names of God means to comprehend and know them. God is Al-Muḥṣī inasmuch as as He comprehends everything in their inner and outer details, so when He judges us on the Day of Judgment, He does not miss anything. He knows our action, and the intention behind that action. This reminds us that no deed will go unnoticed and uncounted.