The Taker of Life - Al-Mumīt

Al-Mumīt, The Bringer of Death

The Taker of Life - Al-Mumīt - Al-Mumīt

To know that God Almighty is the Life-Taker is to be certain that there is death. And while most of us fear death whenever we are aware of it, it is usually because we do not know enough about it or because we have not prepared for it. There are two kinds of relationships that we have with death: our own, when we are faced with our mortality, and the loss of someone dear to us. As for our own, being faced with ur mortality should force us to turn back to God and re-evaluate how we are living our lives. If death were to come now, is this how we would like to leave? The second relationship is with regards to people we love. God Almighty is so generous that when He takes away the life of someone, it is not the end of your relationship with them. As one of the living, your prayers for them still benefit them. If they gave continuous charity (sadaqa jariya), it goes on for eternity. If you love someone, truly love them, then be a cause of goodness for them in this life and the next. Do not let the time that you spend with them be a gossip session. Seek to truly benefit each other by making a conscious effort to do something, even if very small, for the sake of God. That is the meaning of love—it will carry on until after death.

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