The All-Powerful - Al-Qādir

Al-Qādir, He Who is able to do Everything

The All-Powerful - Al-Qādir - Al-Qādir

This root can mean ‘to measure something’ or ‘to make manifest the measure of something’, and thus gives rise to meanings such as ‘appraising’ and ‘power’ and ‘ability’. The horse that is aqdar is the one whose back-hoof falls exactly where his front-hoof was when running, as though perfectly measured and executed. Al-Qādir is the One who is able to do everything, from causing things to exist to ceasing their existence, or causing them to change or to return them to what they were. Al-Ghazālī adds that, “God is all-powerful in that He could bring about the resurrection now, and He would bring it about were He to will it.”

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