The Hidden - Al-Bāṭin

Al-Bāṭin, The Unmanifest, The Inner

The Hidden - Al-Bāṭin - Al-Bāṭin

Ibn Al-Qayyim said that this attribute of God—Al-Bāṭin—cannot be described, only felt. The interesting thing is that when you start to see God's attributes as they manifest in the everyday and the mundane, as well as in the extraordinary, your heart naturally moves closer to Him. You realize how close He is, and the fruit of this realization is that you work to purify your heart, as well as praying more because you know that those are your moments with God Almighty. That is why the Prophet ﷺ would pray in the night even though it was not obligatory: he loved doing so, because he loved being with God Almighty.

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