The Overseer - Al-Muhaymin

Al-Muhaymin, The Controller, The Guardian, The Protector

The Overseer - Al-Muhaymin - Al-Muhaymin

Al-Muhaymin comes from the root h-m-n (ه-م-ن). The root can be used in the context of a bird that haymana over its chicks, meaning it extended its wing over them, protecting them. If a soldier does "haymana" over a city, it means he took control of it and watches over it. God Almighty also describes the Qur’an as muhaymin, meaning that it will dominate over all the other books. So haymana is complete control, and when it comes to God Almighty, one that is accompanied with protection. If you mess up at work, and someone tells you, “Everything is going to be ok;” it is not always reassuring. The person might mean well, but you know that they have no power over the situation, so their reassurance does not really help. But if your boss tells you, “Don’t worry about it;” then you are at peace. Why? Because you know that he is the one with ultimate control over the situation. If he tells you, “Don’t worry about it,” you know you don’t have to worry. You know you can be at ease. God Almighty is Al-Muhaymin. He is the One in total control who protects and overlooks all of our affairs.

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