The Just - Al-Muqsiṭ

Al-Muqsiṭ, The Equitable, The Requiter

The Just - Al-Muqsiṭ - Al-Muqsiṭ

Al-Muqsiṭ comes from the word qisṭ and means the scale or balance. Taqasaṭū means to split something up fairly (Lisan Al-Arab). God commands us to be balanced, and He is Al-Muqsiṭ: the One who is most equitable, balanced and just. it could be that God Almighty tests you with loss, but He tests others with wealth. Perhaps He blesses you with giving you, and He blesses others by taking away. He may delay something for you, and hasten it for other people. It may take you years to get something that you want – blood and sweat and tears – and for someone else, it requires no effort at all. But if you knew all that God Almighty knows, you would understand that His decree is ultimate justice and mercy that is specific to you and your circumstance.

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