The Self-Sufficient - Al-Ghanī

Al-Ghanī, The Rich, The Independent

The Self-Sufficient - Al-Ghanī - Al-Ghanī

There are two things we have to realize about God Al-Ghani: the first is that we are human and we have needs, yet our ultimate and true need is God Almighty. The second is that He does not need us, nor anything for that matter. He is completely independent and self-sufficient. He has no dependency. God Almighty tells us in the Qur’an: “O mankind, you are those in need of God, while God is the Free of need (Al-Ghani), the Praiseworthy.” (Qur’an, 35:15) In truth, we all need God Almighty. Some of us may realize it and some may not. If we do not, we may seek to assuage the calling of our soul with quick fixes. But just like we cannot quench our thirst by eating dry foods, we can never fulfill our needs by ignoring the very thing we do need. Moreover, nothing that we do benefits or hurts God Almighty. Our prayers do not give Him anything, nor do our sins hurt Him. We do these things out of love and reverence; and because He has commanded them of us, we know that they are good for us. He is Needless and yet He understands our needs. So He gives us the antidote to our illness. He teaches us the best way to fulfill the needs of our heart, body and soul.

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