The Beneficent - An-Nāfiʿ

An-Nāfiʿ, The Propitious, The Benefactor, The Source of Good

The Beneficent - An-Nāfiʿ - An-Nāfiʿ

When the Prophet's companion Bilal, may God be pleased with him, was being tortured for believing in One God, he was able to stay strong. He knew the torment was temporary, and that God Almighty was the ultimate source of benefit. He knew that in reality, they could not harm him, at least not in the long-term and most definitely not in the next life. And he was able to remain steadfast. So even if it appears that you have you lost, remember that the ultimate benefit is Jannah (Paradise), which you are moving closer towards insha’God (God-willing), and the ultimate harm is the Hellfire. Whatever thing it seems you have lost, remember that you are actually moving closer Jannah when you make the right choice and see things as they are and not how they appear to be.

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