The Guide - Ar-Rashīd

Ar-Rashīd, The Guide to the Right Path

The Guide - Ar-Rashīd - Ar-Rashīd

“Ar-Rashīd is the one who directs His servants to what is beneficial for them i.e. He guides them and shows them the way.” (Lisan Al-Arab) Thus ar-Rashīd refers to being directed to the right path, knowing what the intended outcome is. God Almighty tells us in the Qur’an that our destination is to Him and Paradise, and He shows us the way. Rushd has two elements to it: One is being able to direct someone, but that needs a prerequisite, which is actually knowing and being able to discern the right way from the wrong way. Imam Al-Ghazali, may God have mercy on him, states that ar-Rashīd is the One who directs you without needing signs. If I use Google Maps to direct someone, I cannot say that I have this attribute, because I am seeking help to direct someone to the way. God Almighty is the One who directs us to the destination because He is the One who knows the way the best, without needing directions or signs from any other. If you are lost and seeking directions, you would seek it from someone you know who will direct you not simply to the way, but to the best way to the ultimate destination. Just like we may have downloaded a navigation app to guide us to the best route home, we should recite the Qur’an and seek to understand the sunnah to find out which way to God Almighty is best!

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