The Helper - An-Naṣīr

An-Naṣīr, The One who Gives Victory

The Helper - An-Naṣīr - An-Naṣīr

This is a Name for anyone who feels embattled, physically or emotionally. God's Name an-Naṣīr comes from the root n-ṣ-r (ن-ص-ر) and means helping the oppressed (إعانة المظلوم). Thus the word for victory is also naṣr. Naṣīr is an aggrandizement of the root word and thus means help that spans both quality and quantity – God Almighty helps us repeatedly and with both big and small things. He reminds us that true help and victory are only from Him. God tells us: “If God should aid you, no one can overcome you…” (Qur’an, 3:160)

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