The Evident - Al-Mubīn

Al-Mubīn, The One who gives clarity

The Evident - Al-Mubīn - Al-Mubīn

God makes Himself evident by revealing His Names to us so we may know Him. Whatever misconceptions one may have about God, they are dissipated by Him showing us and making clear to us who He is. Al-Mubīn comes from the root ba-ya-nun (ن-ي-ب), which means to make something separate. From it comes the word mubīn, which means to make clear. And thus Al-Mubīn is the One who makes everything clear, and bayyinah is the clear and evident proof. Moreover, knowing that He makes things evident enables us to ask Him to show us. Many times, we may not see the wisdom in a certain action. We might wonder why we did not get what we specifically asked for, or that thing we worked hard for. The wisdom is actually not evident, at least in our limited view. Therefore, we can ask God to show us; be certain, God will make evident the wisdom, either in this life or the next.

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