The Giver of Life - Al-Muḥyī

The Giver of Life - Al-Muḥyī - Al-Muḥyī

Al-Muhyi is the Giver of Life. In Surat Al-Baqara, God Almighty tells us the story of the Prophet ‘Uzayr, `alayhi as salaam (peace be upon him), when he came to Jerusalem and found it to be burnt to the ground, with no traces of life whatsoever. ‘Uzayr (as) exclaimed: “’How will God bring this to life after its death?’ So God caused him to die for a hundred years; then He revived him […]” (Qur’an, 2:259). Just as God Almighty brought back to life ‘Uzayr—and indeed the whole of Jerusalem—and just like He created a sturdy 400-year-old Redwood tree from a tiny seed—a seed that seems dead, a seed that had you stepped on it would have been crushed—know that He can bring alive your beautiful heart. The same heart that He created to know Him.

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